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chantelle pianetta dance bio

Chantelle Pianetta

The Face Behind the Steps

I’m Chantelle. I am a dancer. I’ve known I wanted to be a dancer since I was 5 and no one could convince me otherwise. 


Ballet is my first love, West Coast Swing is my second. Joel and Ginny (my cat) are tied at third. 


I have performed all over the world on stages big and small. The longer I dance, the more I’m fascinated by movement, all kinds.


Oftentimes my body expresses my thoughts before my words. If you take a lesson from me, watching my thought process will be just as important as listening to it. Cue arm waving, big gestures, and some odd sounds. 


I geek out on the human body, psychology, and finding purpose through action. Chaînés and whips excite me.

joel torgeson bio

Joel Torgeson

The Steps Behind the Hair

Hi. My name is Joel. I'm a dancer who likes to help people and build things.

I've spent the last decade teaching people to dance (that might be why you're here!), building a clothing brand for dancers, and sharing my thoughts on dance, life, and everything else on my blog.

If we meet someday, I hope we get a chance to dance!

I grew up in very rural Minnesota and didn't start dancing until I moved away to college at 18. I started with Ballroom, then switched to primarily dancing West Coast Swing when I moved to California in 2017. Outside dance, I also love rock climbing, tea, kitchenware, and learning languages. I dislike unexamined orthodox thinking, broken promises, and Jello.

I'll see you on the floor!

Our Story

The Love Behind the Dance

Together in love and partnership since 2021, we've got a good thing going and intend to keep it that way.

We greatly respect the expertise and skill that the other brings into West Coast Swing, and we love sharing our complementary and contrasting insights with dancers worldwide! 

It's pretty nice spending your life with your favorite dance partner. :)

Drawing each other in a Hi-Lo in 2017 may not have been love at first (left side) pass, but several years later, a shared pandemic goal of learning German on Duolingo kindled a romance that has brought us to our engagement. Look out for Mr. & Mrs. Torgeson in late 2024!

Let's share the love!

CJ Swing

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