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chantelle joel private lessons

Private Lessons

Like booster rockets on your dance space shuttle, we aim to get you into orbit just as fast as we can! 

Private lessons offer the most personalized instruction possible. We'll break down what we're seeing, give you drills and skills to work on your dancing, dance it with you, and then answer any questions you may have. 

Still unsure? Read the Testimonials below.

chantelle joel event booking

Event Booking

Do you run a West Coast Swing event or workshop weekend? Would you like us to help make it awesome?

We'd be delighted to teach, judge, MC, and/or perform for you and your community, no matter how big or small. 


We've worked with communities in 20+ states and 10+ countries!

Reach out! We don't bite. 

chantelle joel video reviews

Video Reviews

See your dance through our eyes! 

We love helping dancers of all levels find quick wins and directions for continued growth through video reviews. This is especially great for those who live far from us, or those who don't have the means to travel and take a lesson in person. 

Send us your vids! We'll help grow your knowledge and your dancing. 

Tina Lin, CA

"Chantelle is a super understanding, technical, and wonderful instructor. Thanks to her, I’ve learned to really appreciate all the small details in developing my dance. If you’re looking for someone who will help you clean your basics, develop patience in your dancing, and so much more -100% highly recommend taking a private with Chantelle."

Brad Wendt, IL

Joel is a great teacher and a better coach. The amount of investment he puts into your WCS journey is unmatched. Whether it’s a private lesson, video lesson, or video critique, Joel’s passion and love for the dance is very apparent. Joel’s also good about following up, making sure you don’t have any questions or just messaging you to make sure you’re practicing. 

April Prince, The Chicago Classic Event Director

"Working with these two is always professional and highly effective, without lacking warmth or fun. Their dancing speaks for itself, but they're good people, too. We love having them at The Chicago Classic!"

Margaret Moreno, Mission City Swing Head of Operations 

"Chantelle and Joel are thoughtful, technical instructors committed to helping their students and community thrive.

At Mission City Swing, they helped develop our leveled curriculum with content aimed at students with a range of experience, from just starting their dance journey to frequent competitors. Not only did Chantelle and Joel create lesson plans and teach, they also gave feedback to our less experienced instructors. Our whole program is much improved as a result of their involvement!"

Yang Pulse, CAN

"Joel went above and beyond, commenting nearly every 3 seconds of my recording to vocally and visually annotate something I could have done better or to give me ideas for styling / variations. I highly recommend his video critiques to anyone wanting to become a better dancer!"

Sean Audet, CAN

"Chantelle's keen eye through ballet and professional dance training have allowed her to target areas in my dance that are lacking flow and mobility. Chantelle holistic approach providing drills, exercises, and explanations to improve your dance overall, rather than a quick fix for a single pattern really made a difference. Would recommend to anyone!!"

CJ Swing

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